My Constellations

Monday, July 25, 2016

Working Life Anomaly

For almost a decade I don’t write a blog post. Certainly, so many thing change here for example my personal life, working condition, including my point of view how to perceive the world. OK, Enough with this brief intermezzo.

Mama said study diligently, pass your college, show a good manner, and don’t forget to built a good character. You will find a job that lead you to success. Those are strong messages that pass on to your children that always good to hear.  

Let’s see.. how come those messages could be wrong??
 I mean if you’re willing to learn and study, at the end of the day, you must earn the certificate. Next thing is getting a job. You will be proud because you got those job on your own especially through interview or test. You start to develop good work ethics and having good manner. Because good work environment will increase your productivity. You boss will review your performance and give award to you someday. You contribute more to your organization and lead to success both for you and the organization. That is the journey of your work life. What a beautiful life.
By the way, sometimes it’s all BULLSHIT. Not all of us understand about professionalism. They tend to break the system, take thing the easy way. And you gotta deal with it..


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Face the Change

At that time, in our office yard, we’re attending a discipline ceremony and still waiting for our boss to start the ceremony. Gosh…. He doesn’t even on time in discipline ceremony. In my sparing time, I take a look at our building office…. The old artistic building office. I still remember a year ago that I objected to the announcement that 1 of the building access road is closed. That road will be used privately by our boss. The reason is for safety. Nobody should pass that path but the boss.

Actually there are 2 access roads in our building, the east side and west side. The east access road is the one that will be closed. By closing this access road, we have to walk to longer path to the administrative building, bank, and canteen. As long as you know, 75% of our job is administrative things. So this announcement decreases our work effectiveness. Somehow we should follow the order. At first, we experience difficulties to walk more distant than normal. As time goes by, because we are accustomed to do that every day, this issue is not a problem anymore. Until now…..

There is a lesson I got. If we have become accustomed to do something, we will never feel burdened at last. Change will always come to us. Face it with enthusiasm and you will learn a lot of new thing provided by world.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Become a truly Balinese mom!

Do you know a specific requirement how to be a truly Balinese mom? Make your own offering with coconut leaves. And I can make it now!

I just want to share to all of the girls generally and especially to all of the Balinese girls that being a mom is like facing a wild forest. It seems so blur but if we have a strong will and effort, somehow the path will appear and find its own way. But we have to make a plan first. Everything has to be planned. When I was a girl, I don’t know how to cook, to take care of baby/child, moreover to make an offering with coconut leaves (we called it “banten”). My task in the family is cleaning the house and it doesn’t have any problem at all because I love to see clean and neat house. Thanks to my mom, since I was in elementary school, she gives me responsibility to clean the floor on the weekend even though we have servant. This habit gives me point plus about the importance of cleanliness and responsibility.

I believe that we don’t need to worry how to be a mom because we’ve already have mom instinct, ratio, effort, and good faith. Sometimes I found some girls worried about how to make “banten” when they got married. Well, in Bali, there are thousands of Balinese moms that have capability to make Banten. They’re not rocket scientist or consultant or manager but they can make Banten, so WHY CAN WE????

Making Banten is not inventing something new but performing something that has done for years in Bali. Right?? This condition lead me into conclusion that Balinese wife who doesn’t know how to make banten because they’re lazy to learn or … retarded. I have planned that when my child is getting 2 years old, I will make her banten Dinan (every 1 month) and Otonan (every 6 months) by myself. I keep my promise. I bought some book, browsing in internet, asking people, etc about banten and last week I make her banten Dinan for the first time.

Suddenly I become a truly Balinese mom. It feels complete. Next challenge is making Banten Otonan. It doesn’t have any problem coz I have learn every requirement to make that Banten. I can’t wait to make it anyway. So girls, there’s nothing to worry incorporate with Mom jobs…. Let’s show OUR GIRL POWER!!! Be optimist!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Side effect of a Storybook

I went to the bookstore looking for a story book for Calya, my 16 months years’ old daughter. I think she starts to have an ability to communicate bidirectional. She will grab her “Finding Nemo” story book when I said I want to read her a story. She goes to the mirror when I ask her to look in the mirror. She goes to the rubbish can when I ask her to throw the meal trash. My baby turns to be a kid. I believe the positive outcomes we achieve by reading our children a story. It may improve pictorial and verbal memory, vocabulary, verbal fluency, moral learning, and explore imagination and creativity.
Back to the bookstore, Calya interesting in animal instead of human so I pick up a book story title “Ant and Grasshopper”. The weather is hot today so I go to canteen to buy avocado juice. While I am waiting for the order and had nothing to do, I open the storybook that I have bought and start to read it. It’s about a hardworking ant and extravaganza grasshopper. This book teaches us about knowing the value of time, work hard and save food for the hard time. I close the book and looking at the tree outside swinging by the wind. Suddenly I realize of something…
Lately, I feel some hollow in me. Because I don’t state any target clearly for this year. It has some impact for example spending money for nothing. I don’t have to tell u what it is but sometimes we bought something that can amuse us just for a short temporary time. After reading this story, I realize every second of my time is meaningful. I will do my best to take care of my baby. I will focus on her, save money for her future. Stop looking at product catalogue in magazine or internet. Ah…. I feel better now.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Import vs. Local

Are we destined less attractive entirely compare to the western products? Actually, this question accidently tossed when I went to the supermarket and saw series of imported fruits right in front of the access door. And where is the local fruit? Far behind as if no body interested.
We cannot argue that imported fruits have better look and taste. That's why we keen on imported fruits. Name it: apple, orange, mango, grape, banana, lychee, etc. Is it because of the soil and weather? Lucky them God bestow a good genes ;)
That's the fruit part what about the person. It's the same! Who won beauty pageant "Miss Universe" frequently? The western… Who won the Olympiade frequently? The western…
Anyway anyhow, everything has its superiority and lack. Depend on our way to perceive. I still love local mango for rujak (fruit salad with pungent dressing), I still love kebaya (Indonesian traditional woman's blouse), I still love a local man (to think of my hubby is local heuheu).




Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I Luv Game

Until now...
It just like blood in my vein, never stop circulates. Beside the challenge, game gives me a sort of achievement i.e: point, level, or status. That's the satisfaction. At second hand, game especially strategy category can improve our problem solving ability and brain capability. It just like muscle, the more practice make our brain sharper.

Surprisingly, I feel like a different person when gaming. For example, in fighting game, my character tends to attack instead of defense. Sometimes like natural born killer or blood sucking vampire ^^. There's no mercy or negotiation. Maybe because I'm only focusing on achieving point and there's no humanity value involved.

Anyway, I luv game forever…


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lucky Man

" Orang bodoh sering dikalahkan oleh orang pintar
Orang pintar dikalahkan oleh orang licik
Orang licik dikalahkan oleh orang beruntung
Jadi orang beruntung merupakan pribadi yang tak terkalahkan.

Keberuntungan adalah manifestasi karma baik seseorang"